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Color Options


Almost any color option and combonation is availible. Here is a thread chart to help you get an idea of what colors can be used on your custom rod.




Some examples of thread color combonations

Reel seat and gimble colors

Custom marble paint

Marble paint is a great way to add color and flair to a rod.Just about any color comb can be made into the design.Marble paint has a price upgrade of $50.00 dollar to a rod because of all the extra materials and labor invloved in the process

Custom inlays and other designs

Here are some other examples that can be incorperated in to a fishing rod design.Some examples are

carbonfiber, real  rattle snake skin, abalone or mother of pearl shell and others.

Custom logos or names


Just about any logo,name or saying can be added to your rod.Heres some examples of that.

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