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Miscellaneous Rods

Here at Barretts we realize theres a special fishing rod for every

single type of fishing situation.Theres always a rod that will help

you do your best and have the mechanical advantage to help you

land more fish! Here's a list of some of the types of fishing rods

that have been requseted.



Fly rods


Shark rod for fishing from a  ladder


Alligator fishing


Cobia sight fishing




Heavy shark rod for kayak fishing


General kayak fishing


Goliath grouper brIdge fishing


Custom sabiki bait catching rods


Stingray fishing rods


Ice fishing rods


Almost every type of fishing can benefit from having a custom rod thats built to fit your stuation!!

Just ask and we will build it!


Heres a few pictures of rods that fit some of these categories.









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