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In a rush for a rod? 

Check out the "Rods in Stock" page in the Shopping section.

These rods are in stock and ship within a few days of ordering!

Ordering a Custom Rod


When you're ready to order a custom fishing rod, shoot us an email at

We'll go over every step and detail on how you want your fishing rod to perform and look.

We're here to help you choose all the components and style that will give you the best advantage. When you send an email, please be prepared to provide answers to the following questions that you can expect us to ask.


What type of fishing will you be doing?


Is there a specific species that you'll be targeting?


Will this rod be used in a boat or onshore or maybe even both?


Are there special colors, designs or logos that you want on the rod?


What type of fishing reel will you be using?


What type of grips would you like?


How long of a rod do you feel comfortable with? ;)


Do you use Braided Line or Monofilament?


Please browse all the different rod sections on our website.

This can help decide on colors and styles you may like on your rod.


If you have a special request for a certain brand part, that's no problem. We work with most dealers and manufactures to provide exactly what you want. Our rods carry a manufacturer's warranty against all defects. If you're not satisfied with your fishing rod, we'll work with you until we get it exactly the way you want. 


                                                                  Send us an email to get started!


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