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Dont want to wait for a custom rod,check out the shopping section for our "rods in stock"  page under the shopping section,these rods are in house and ready to fish!

Ordering a Custom Rod

When your ready to order a custom fishing rod please give us a call and we will go over every step and detail on how you want your fishing rod to perform and look. We will then help you choose all the components and style that will give you the best advantage. When you call these are some of the questions that you maybe asked, if your not sure on some parts we could recommend something that will work for you and your application.


What type of fishing will you be doing?


Is there a specific species that you will be targeting?


Will this rod be used in a boat or onshore or maybe even both?


Are there special colors,designs or logos that you want on the rod?


What type of fishing reel will you be using?


What type of grips would you like?


How long of a rod do you feel comfortable with?


Do you use Braided fishing line or monofilament?


Please have a look threw all the differnt rod sectons on this website

this can help decide on colors and styles you may like on your rod.


If you have a special request for a certain brand parts,that's no problem.We work with most dealers and manafactures to provide exactly what you want. Our rods carry a manufacturer's warranty against defects and  craftsmanship. If your not satisfied with your fishing rod, we will work with you until we get it exactly the way you want it. When you're quoted a price on a rod and agree to that ammount, we will then start building the rod once a deposit of half of the quoted price is received. Rods are built to order. When the rod is designed and ordered, we will give you a time frame on how long it will take for delivery. Once parts are ordered there will be no refunds on deposits.You will have 15 days to make a final payment on your finished rod once you are notified that the rod is completed.If rods are not paid for or other payment arangments have not been made within the 15 days after completion the rod or rods become our property to resell.Sorry but i cant afford to have unpaid rods sitting around.


                                                                  Give us a call 772-497-4344 to get started.

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