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Shark Rods 


Our shark rods have quickly became

the top name in shark fishing

because of their high performance

and high quality. Our goal in building

shark rods is to make the rod perform at its best under the heavy loads of shark fishing.Our shark rods have been tested and approved on sharks well over 1000lbs+ they havent failed us yet!



Available in sizes 15-30lb ,20-40 ,30-80lb and in 7'-9 lengths.  These rods will feature: foam grips, aluminum fighting gimble, aluminum channel lock reel seat and heavy duty Fuji guides. These rods are great for smaller sharks in the 3-5ft range, great for live bait or casting small baits from the shore, pier or boat. Reel size recommended 6500-9500 size spinning reel.


Medium Duty

Available in sizes 20-40lb,30-50lb, 50-80lb in 6'-9' lengths. these rods feature foam grips, aluminum fighting gimbal, aluminum reel seat ,heavy duty Fuji guides, and roller tip top guide. these are great rods for sharks in the 4-9ft range. Reel size recommended 30-50 class conventional reel.


Heavy Duty

Available in sizes 50-80lb, 60-130lb, 80-130lb in 7'-9' lengths. These rods will feature hard eva foam grips, aluminum fighting gimble, aluminum reel seat, heavy duty Fuji guides with super heavy duty roller tip top guide. Reel size recommended 50-80lb class conventional reel.


Semi Loaded Series

Available in 80-100lb, 60-130lb, ,80-130lb, 6'6"-9' lengths. these rods feature a aluminum fighting gimble, hard eva foam grips, roller stripper and tip top guide with heavy duty Fuji guides inbetween. These rods are built on our world class shark rod blanks. Reel size recommended 80-130lb class.


Loaded Heavy Duty Series

Available in 80-100lb, 80-130lb, 80-180lb 6'6" - 9' lengths. These rods feature detachable aluminum fighting butt, foam spiral fore grip, Stuart roller guides. These rods are built on our world class shark rod blanks. These rods are built for the hardcore shark fisherman. These rods have landed sharks up to 13+feet without breaking a sweat! Reel size recommended 80-130lb class.



Monster Hunter Shark rod  80-200lb stand up rod for 130 class for unlimited sizes reels call for details




Tall Boy Series

Available in 50-80lb, 80-130lb and 80-unlimited lb. 9' length.  These rods feature foam grips, extra large  aftco reel seat, roller tip top guide with heavy duty Fuji guides. These rods are built for super strong guys who like to fish bridges, piers and other structures where the extra length is needed to clear obstructions. Reel size recommended 80-130lb class.


Surf Shark Series

Avalible in sizes 10'6 - 13" and come in 2 piece's these surf rods are designed just for surf casting for sharks.They can handle baits from 2-16ounce in size.These Surf rods are very heavy duty.They feature surf style shrink tube grips,aluminum channel lock reel seats and heavy duty Fuji Guides.Reel size recommened 8500-10500 spinn class reels.


Goliath Grouper Series

Goliath grouper specific rods.Sizes 80lb heavy,130lb,and unlimited.These rods feature hard eva foam grips,detachable aluminum butt,all roller guides and a special swivel top roller guide to prevent rod twisting.lay this rod on the side of the boat and just sit on it like a see-saw.these rods have pulled groupers up to 800lb's. recomended for reel sizes 80lb and up.





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