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Inshore rods can come in a varitiy of sizes,lengths,and 

stlyes. anything from long sensitve rods for throwing 

small jigs and live baits to awaiting bonefish permit and trout

to heavy power short rods for pulling those powerfull snook,

tarpon and redfish from heavy cover and fast currents.and

dont forget throwing your favorite finesse lure to hungry awaiting largemouth bass.flats fishing,bass fishing and wade fishing rods can be tailored to fit your personal fishing style and  needs.



Inshore rod options:


The grip,

one of the most important parts of a inshore rod is the grip.most flats fisherman will be holding the rod in there hand for a extended period of time and making mutiple the grip has to be comfortable and light weigth enough so its doesnt tired out your arm and hand. cork grips,foam grips, shrink tube grips and carbon fiber grips can be offered in full length and split grip style options.


The rod blank,

The rod blank is  the platform of what the rod will be built on.there are many types of rod blanks for inshore use,from basic fiberglass to high performance graphite and carbon kevlar materials. the new high performance materials will increass the strength,action,sensitivity and durabiltiy of the rod.



there are many guide options and materials offered for guides,from aluminum oxide and silicon carbide rings with stainlees steel and  even titanium frames for ultra light weight.not sure what guide is practical for your aplication,dont worry we can help you decide.


These are the three major parts to build just about any rod,but with inshore rods they can be the decideing factor to have a rod you love and one you wont be happy with.


Here are a few examples of inshore rods that have made it in to the hands of our fish catching customers!


Inshore rods starting at $225.00








Snook Jig and Tarpon rods

Our snook jig and tarpon rods are perfect for throwing flair hawk jigs,swim baits and top water plugs to awaiting tarpon ,snook and redfish.these rods are perfect for fishing your favorite piers, jettys or bridges.These rods are build on carbon fiber/kevlar blanks and feature fuji SIC guides making them the strongest and best performing rods on the market. available in 8',8'6 and 9' lengths.starting at $399.99

Inshore Rods

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