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If your the serious offshore fisherman

looking for that one special bottom rod

to bring up those tasty treats from the deep

 or if your the full time tournament fisherman

chasing that big trophy fish to put you at the top of the winners board ,our offshore rods will be built to fit your needs and will perform at there best to help you put fish in the boat!


There are many types of offshore rods ,trolling rods ,live bait rods ,kite rods ,deep drop rods,sword fish rods ,bottom rods ,wireline rods ,high speed trolling trolling rods and spinning rods to name a few ,we can provide you with any type of offshore rod you will need in you arsenal to help you land more fish .here are just a few prices and styles that are most comman.



Live bait rods

"Kingfish style fast action" available in 15-30lb, 20-40lb, and 20-50lb 7'-8' lengths. Prices starting at $225.99. These rods will feature: foam grips, aluminum gimble, aluminum reel seat and Fuji guides.


Trolling rods

Available in sizes from 20lb class up to 130lb class, IGFA sizes available. Roller guides or standard ring guides,aluminum detachable trolling butts and swilvel top guides are just some of the options for trolling rods.prices starting at $299.99


Offshore spinning rods

Offshore spinning rods come in a variaty of sizes.anything form light weight snappers rods with sensative tips to heavy pitch bait rods for throwing a livebait or jig to passing by cobia,sails and dolphins.Most are built with eva foam grips,aluminum or graphite reel seats and feature high quaility fuji guides.prices starting at $225.99
Here are a few examples of some offshore rods that have been built for customers that needed the cutting edge while offshore fishing.








Custom Gaffs

Dont forget to finish off your custom rod set with a matching gaff.Gaffs are availble in 4',6',8' and 10' lengths.Gaff prices starting at $99.99


Offshore Rods

Daytime swordfish rods

Daytime sword fish rods availble is size 60-100lb class  and feature fuji sic guides with alpes titamium roller top guide.Aftco #4 80lb curved butt.Rods will fit all size electric reels.starting at $650.00


View the slide show below for more rods

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