Our high performance P-Series fighting plates are super heavy duty and are the tuffest plate on the market. We built these fighting plates to be able to withstand the heavy drag pressures of todays modern reels and any giant fish you may encounter!


Purchase the optional drop straps to attach the fighting plate to your stand up fighting harness


Fighting plates are made of 3/16 marine grade aluminum and feature 1" neoprene foam for maximum comfort during long extended fights.


More colors and options will be added as they come in.This is what we have in stock and available for immediate shipping

Fighting Plates

custom colors available                      apon request

P-19 Fighting plates

Our new P-Series fighting plates feature a new pocket design. This pocket design lowers the center of gravity of the fishing rod and reel to help the angler apply high pressures of drag while being comfortable and very stable!   Fighting plates are made of marine grade 3/16 aluminum and fully powder coated for durability. P-19 plate size is 19" wide x 14" tall.