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Custom rod and reel coatings

Barrett Rod offers a wide range of custom rod and reel custom paint, hydro dipping, cerakoting and other types of coating services.







Frequent Questions


*Yes you can send in your yeti or other brand cup to be dipped or custom painted.


* If your a rod builder or other company and want your rod blank,guides or other products custom dipped or painted yes we will do that.


*yes new or used reels can be dipped or coated


*prices may very depending on the job at hand





General startinig prices

 Here's some examples of what can be done


Rod blank hydro dip 7ft or less $100.00  *over 7ft add $20


Reel hydro dip or cerakote service starting price $250.00 and up depending on reel sizes


Custom yeti cup and other brand cup dipping $45.00






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