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Next time you head out fishing be sure you have a few of our JETTY RAT JIGS in your tackle box!! These jigs are availble in 2oz and 3oz perfect for getting to the bottom of fast moving current where the big fish lie and wait to ambush prey.


*2oz jigs are perfect for dock's,bridge's,and piers also great for fishing slower moving current.Some times the bait is on the surface and you need a lighter jig for the subsurface bite, these jigs will get that done for you! 


*3oz jigs were built and designed for heavy current and fast moving water. If you fish jetty's and inlet's with heavy fast moving current these jig will help you cast farther and get to the bottom quicker. Perfect for the world famous Sebastion inlet.


Tarpon, Snook, Redfish,Striped bass and many other game fish will love these jigs!



As you can see we tie our tails of the jigs on the top because we belive the jigs mimic smaller bait fish that have darker back sides and lighter color bellies. 2oz jigs feature 7/0 mustad hooks and 3oz jigs have 8/0 mustad hooks.



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