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80-130lb 7' Stand Up Shark Rod

80-130lb 7' Stand Up Shark Rod


Shark Series Stand Up Shark Rods are built on eglass blanks that are made in the U.S.A. This combination of material produces a very strong, light weight sensitive fishing rod. These rods are assembled by hand using high performance components that can stand up to the demands of today's high drag big game reels and super strong braided/monofilament fishing lines. these rods feature a #4 aluminum butt good for 80 class reels and up, top and bottom roller guides with maximum line clearnce and high performance ring guides to finish it off! dont let the 80-130lb class scare you these rods are monsters and can handle line up to 250lb!

  • Details

    ALPS 80LB aluminum butt,top and bottom large clearance roller guides,alps heavy duty ring guides on a eglass fast action blank. good up to 80 and 130 class reels and 250lb line
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