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9ft 80-200lb Shark Rod

9ft 80-200lb Shark Rod


9ft 80-200lb Shark Series Stand Up Shark Rod! This rod is built for the south coast/panhandle/texas guys who need a longer rod to reach out past the sand bars! This is NOT a bridge style rail rod, this is designed for guys who need some extra reach due to big sand bars and shallow wave breaks. Texas guys who fight fish out of sand spikes or rod holders on big shark racks will love this rod! It features a #4 aluminum butt,alps roller top and alps high performance ring guides! perfect for 80 and 130 class reels.

  • Details

    ALPS 80LB aluminum butt,top and bottom large clearance roller guides,alps heavy duty ring guides on a eglass fast action blank. good up to 80 and 130 class reels and 250lb line
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