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SPOOLIE reel respooling tool

SPOOLIE reel respooling tool


SPOOLIE is a reel respooling tool that will make respooling your reels much easy and quicker!


fits all 1/2"drills and will work on AVET Reels, Shimano tiagra's 30-130 sizes and Accurate atd series 30-130lb sizes


SPOOLIE is made of aicraft grade aluminum and features a nylon bushing to help protect your reels from scrathing.


NEW stainless steel spoolie availble for cranking in baits!!   


Spoolies are designed to be a tool for respooling your fishing reels quicker. Disclaimer* using your spoolie for cranking in baits or heavy drag situations may result in damage that we are not responsible for. Use at your own risk.

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