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High speed Wahoo

Trolling Lures

Welcome to Barrett's version of high speed wahoo lures!


These hard head high speed lures are designed to attract the biggest and baddest

wahoo out there! Our lures provide high quaility and some of the best hand made craftsmanship out there. Built right here in the U.S.A!


We offer custom color heads, any skirt combonation you could want and also

personalizing.Add you boat or team name to make your lure extra special.



Head Shapes and Styles

70mm mag.

70mm Mag is our biggest bullet shaped high speed wahoo lure. This Bad boy is a beast! this lure has Head length of 3.65"x1.70" tall and weighs in at 17 ounces. Run this bad boy shot gun way out back and be prepaired for a big wahoo to STRIKE!   rig it with double 11/0 hooks

50mm Cupface

Do you like your lures to leave smoke trails and bubbles?? this 50 mm cupface will dig hard and leave a smoke trail a mile long! This lure has a head length of 4.25"x1.5"tall and weighs in at a WHOPPING

20 ounces! This lure will get down and do the job!   rig it with double 10/0-11/0 hooks


30mm Dart

30mm Dart is all about speed and precision! This lure will track strait as an arrow. the 30mm is the smaller lure of the bunch but packs plenty of knock down power.With a head size length of 3.75" and a weight of 7ounces this a perfect midrange size lure. Rig it with single or double hooks.

35mm Bomb

This 35mm Bomb is exactly that a BOMB! because of its fatter shorter head it will do a little bit more wiggling around out there to help you get that wahoo excited for what he's about to eat! With a head length of 2.75"x1.25" and weighs in at 6.5 ounces this little shaker will make it happen. rig it with single or double  hooks

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